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2014 Registration Information:


Great News the 2014 Registration fees have been lowered to $110.00 per player and $35.00 per cheerleader. Please note this is the early registration fees, you must register before June 8th. After June 8th the price is $130.00 per player and $50.00 per cheerleader. See additional details in the attached form.


 Referral Program for 2014. For each player or cheerleader you refer to the club, that did not participate in the 2013 season, you will receive $10.00 (up to $110.00 cap for players and up to $35.00 cap for cheerleaders.


 Click on the attachment for the Registration form.


Please note that you may Register at any time by mailing form and payment to PO Box 86 Jerseyville or contact a Board Member.


 he following are the dates for Registration/Equipment Fitting, the time will be from 1-4pm and the location is the Snyder Sports Complex. Your player or cheerleader must attend one of the Registration/Equipment Fittings, if not we will not guarantee you player or cheerleader equipment.

April 13th
May 18th
June 8th


Head Coaches for the 2014 Season are as follows:

Tykes (calling on Coaches we need your help)
7u (calling on Coaches we need your help)
8u Joe Johns
9u Mike Outman
10u Pat McGuire
11u Marty Heitzig 


Special Thank you to Jersey School District/JCHS Football for allowing us to use the Snyder Sports Complex Center at no Cost. This will help us keep our costs down so more players and cheerleaders can participate.



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Next Jr. Panthers Football & Cheerleading

Regular Monthly Meeting

May 12th 8:00pm
Feyerabend Building

All Head Coaches Must Attended

Bi-Monthly Club Meeting


Special Notes:   Regular Club Meetings count towards Voting Membership
8 meetings must be attend in the last 12 months to acquire voting membership.

Bi-Monthly Club Meetings do not count towards Voting Membership and are optional to attend.

To Update/Remove Email information send request to





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